►  About Amelithnoir:
'm 30 years old and I'm Colombian, with a nice accent that you might like ☺ I am online every day to make new friends here and have a lot of fun together. Always in a good mood, friendly, playful, excited and ready to get wet so feel free to text and call me to play together. I can be an angel or a
 ►  Erotic interests of Amelithnoir:
anal sex, dominant, fetish, oral sex, orgy, toys, spanking, phone sex
 ►  Description of Amelithnoir:
Age: 31 / Virgo
Aus: Medellín, Colombia
Languages: Spanish, English, German
Height / Body: 170cm normal
Gender: female
Preferences: heterosexual
Hair color: black, medium length
Piercing: bellybutton
Bra size: 36 B
Complexion: white
Eye color: black
Shave: partly shaved
Character: naughty, prying, sensual, kittenish, soft
 ►  Hobbies of Amelithnoir:
I love drinking coffee, watching the sunrise, being naked at home, looking in the mirror and touchin

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